Surround Yourself

If you came into my office these days you would notice something a bit unusual.  One wall is being covered with notes, sayings, poetry, quotes that have moved me in some significant way over the years of my life.  Messages, long or short, that when I heard or read them they resonated in my soul.  I think this is much more than my adult protest around not being able to use my crayons to write on my wall when I was young.  It expresses my recognition and desire to be reminded of and surrounded by people who inspire me.  M. Scott Peck, Nietzsche, Mother Teresa, and Socrates are but a few of the fellow travelers who surround me each day.

So , too, in my life outside my office.  It is my commitment to myself and to the quality of my life to surround myself with individuals who touch me deeply, whose words and expressions reach the core of me in some meaningful way.  I feel deeply fortunate to have discovered  so many companions whose perspectives, words, and actions bring life and energy to my soul.  It is about being intentional in finding and creating such a community around me.  I challenge you to know your intentions and to give them room for personal expression and fulfillment.