Performance Coaching

Scenerio 1

So you have done all of the technical training in your specific sport/skill. You have done the physical conditioning to pre

pare you for competition.  You have practiced and played your sport for years now to learn the necessary strategies to make you competitive. Yet, you find that others in your sport, perhaps on your own team still out perform you in competition. You know you are as good of an athlete, yet you just cannot seem to get to the top of your game.

Scenerio 2

Perhaps another scenario is true for you: you find a discrepancy between your abilities during practice and your abilities in the actual game performance situation. You know you can _____ (fill in the blank with your skill: shoot, run, jump, hit, etc.) because you do it so well in practice, but then the same ability does not show up at the same level when it is showtime.


Elevate Your Performance

If one of these above scenarios fit you, then you are on the right track in taking the next step in your performance, finding a mental coach, a performance psychologist to help you develop more deeply between your ears. Listen to most coaches during an athletic event. If they are yelling, chances are they are NOT yelling mechanical instructions about how to perform. They are hollering out “mental/emotional” instructions like “FOCUS!” “Stay within yourself,” “relax,” “be aggressive.” Coaches know the mental toughness/resilience is key, but most don’t have any idea of how to help an athlete develop it!

That is where I come in. I have worked with athletes at various levels and in various sports for over 15 years. I bring with me a wealth of knowledge about psychology and about the mental aspects of performing at one’s greatest potential. My knowledge comes from lots of reading, studying, and interviewing and from my own training experience as a successful athlete. If I know something really would not help ME in my performance, I will not suggest it to you!

Give me a call or drop me an email to discuss how I can help you take your performance to your highest level possible.