Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Collaborative divorce represents a different path for resolving divorce that is non-adversarial, child focused and cost effective. A team approach is utilized in which collaboratively trained attorneys, mental health professionals and a neutral financial specialist work together to bring closure to a marriage. In collaborative practice, couples work together, guided by a team of professionals, to reach a divorce settlement in a fair, child-friendly way without going to court. The focus is on solutions, not blame.

No matter how painful, a divorce ultimately has to deal with the future. Finding and holding to hope is a key in the process. As a successful trainer and coach, and one who experienced a divorce first-hand, Steve understands the importance of finding a mental and emotional balance throughout the process.

  • Field experience, therapy coach
  • Forward focused
  • Collaborative — working to achieve agreements for the future
  • Deliberate — understanding of need for parties to walk through the process with dignity
  • Adolescent and child counseling — experience, including authorship of a children’s book addressing the issues children face during divorce