Sun Moon Daughter

Sun Moon Daughter offers parents a way to talk with their children about divorce. When the Sun and Moon meet in the sky and fall in love, they produce a heavenly daughter, Grace. Throughout the story, Grace witnesses and comes to terms with her parent’s separation. As children react to Grace’s experience, they are given a chance to reveal their feelings about what might be going on in their own lives.


Mental Toughness, Workbook for Tennis

After reading Mental Toughness – Workbook for Tennis, I have found it to be a book long overdue. The unique workbook format will take you through the stumbling blocks to improving your tennis skills. From beginner to skilled player, to parents of youth who strive to be good players, all the way to improving your value system, Mental Toughness is a must-read for any tennis player!

Jack Groppel, Ph.D. Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder Human Performance Institute.


Collaborative Divorce Professionals of West Michigan

Divorce is difficult for everyone. But the collaborative process allows people to manage their divorce with dignity and respect. Visit Collaborate Divorce Professionals.