Deciding your pursuit

Change, change, change.  So many individuals who choose to work with me are desirous of change.  It is a key word and concept.   .  And, for many, I have to agree…it is the necessity and a fitting goal.  But there is another group of individuals for whom change is not a fitting concept.  Individuals whose whole lives have been about needing to be a better______ (fill in the blank).  These folk are never good enough in one or more categories (in their minds).  For these individuals, our work to bring about change would only emphasize this perpetual belief that they are not good enough as they are.  For these, a better concept would be about acceptance.  Acceptance of self as they are would be the CHANGE.  It is important as you focus on your own personal evolution to be clear whether your greatest health lies in the direction and pursuit of change or in the direction and pursuit of acceptance.  Both are important paths, but two really different directions to get there.  Choose wisely my friends.